Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Everything Converges

Everything is one, everything settle down to everything. Its only our view/perspective that makes an illusion that things are different.

As said in Vedas "यथा पिंडे तथा ब्रम्हाण्डे ||", that means, if you know one single physical element completely then you know everything about this universe, its properties and behavior.

To make things easy to understand, we break it down into small different components, in the process, if we forget the connection of it to the integration - we are making things rather difficult.
We've divided lots of things in our life/world, but now think - from where they've come, try to realize the connection and consequently you'll realize that all is one - everything converges. Suppose you've broken things to accomplish a huge task conveniently and you forget to integrate them, what will you end up with?

Think about it.

Now try to answer some simple questions:
  • Can you see Coding, Web, Yoga, painting, writing and other things as your lifestyle? Is there something that connects all these together?
  • What are you living for, what is the ultimate goal of life and how different parts of your lifestyle contribute to that?
  • Is money just a component of something big or is it a complete ultimate goal in itself? Only money will lead you where?
  • Why education (firstly what is education)?
  • There are much more you may want to figure out from your own life...

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  1. but .this is rather explanation ...i asked what do u feel for it ....