Sunday, November 30, 2008

Freedom - A Deeper Understanding

Last Updated: Jan 14th, 09
Instance 1. Once I did something, something very special, I was very happy and wished to remain like this forever. And Now, enters a friend of mine, telling me that I couldn't make into JEE, and this one sentence from his mouth, vanished all of my happiness. Whyyyyyyy. But I wanted to be happy.

You see, somebody else is able to ruin my mental state, when I don't want it. Isn't it called slavery when somebody else is controlling me and I'm not able to do what I want.

Instance 2. One day I was very angry and going to argue with one of my colleague, because he complained to my boss about me. On the way, a person, unknown, came to me and appreciated me for the way I presented my ideas and views about something in front of an assembly yesterday. He said it was very effective and impressive, I thanked him like a gentleman and he left. My chest swelled with pride because I prepared for it a lot. But then, when I faced my colleague, I did not want to do any argument and felt good about him that he made me realize my mistake. What. But I went there to argue with him.

Hay, some unknown person had a hold over my mind more than I do, he changed my mind. And again I felt that I'm not free to do what I want , I don't have freedom, do I?

Instance 3. I love to roam around in my favorite half sleeve blue colored t-shirt, without any other wearing over or underneath it, but in winters, I just can't do it. Weather is stopping me from doing that. Can't I have enough resistance in my body for that bloody cold. Weather is controlling my dreams, and I'm not, right?

Instance 4. I don't want to eat more pizzas because it hurts my health so seriously, but I'm tempted to have one more, because I'm standing in front of a McDonald. Similarly, I want to go for morning walk because my doctor suggested me that it would be beneficial for my current health status, but I just can't get-off from my bed early in the morning. Who is forcing me to do what I don't want to, and the other way, stopping me from doing what I want to? Am I free to do what I think I should?

Instance 5.

Instance 6.
Instance 7.

Are there any more such situations with you? Think about it...

I'm trying to be free, are you??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Diseases - Why?

Last Updated: Dec 15th, 08
आग लगने के लिए बस एक चिंगारी की जरुरत है, पर आग वहीं लगती है जहाँ भूसां भरा होता है |

Are we afraid of being drenched in the rain, when sky pours it freshness in the form of lucid drops somewhere in the middle of November, if yes, think why, most of the time we all keep on collecting a lots of dirt in our body (probably by malicious but tasty food, irregularities in lifestyle ...) but we are never bothered to cleanse it, and now when weather changes, this explodes in the form of common diseases (a.k.a. cold, sneezing ...). Think once, from where all that dirt will come out of your body because your regular draining system is not enough.

Think about it.