Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Diseases - Why?

Last Updated: Dec 15th, 08
आग लगने के लिए बस एक चिंगारी की जरुरत है, पर आग वहीं लगती है जहाँ भूसां भरा होता है |

Are we afraid of being drenched in the rain, when sky pours it freshness in the form of lucid drops somewhere in the middle of November, if yes, think why, most of the time we all keep on collecting a lots of dirt in our body (probably by malicious but tasty food, irregularities in lifestyle ...) but we are never bothered to cleanse it, and now when weather changes, this explodes in the form of common diseases (a.k.a. cold, sneezing ...). Think once, from where all that dirt will come out of your body because your regular draining system is not enough.

Think about it.

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