Monday, March 30, 2009

Writing With Left Hand

What I'm Doing: I'm learning the art of handwriting, its not your fingers that make letters but its your forearm that gives shapes and your shoulder that gives power. I read this in some article on The good thing is that I knew it and realized it earlier because when I write I feel that I'm restricting my hand and its not moving as freely as it should go naturally but didn't realize it so strongly to turn around old habits. Sometimes its our weakness to not be able to think out of box. Then I thought to write from left hand as to give a balance to my body and hence to life by invoking my right brain (knowing the fact that left brain controls right part of body and vice versa). I dream to move both of my hands in air making some painting and shapes like an artist by free motion of forehand and arms, giving lots of full swings to the shoulder and involve the whole body to write and to paint.

Why I'm Doing: I was practicing to write from left hand from about some weeks but at this point I realized that I'm able to write good but its not good enough to convince my insight, something inside me was warning me to change something, there has to be some other way that is more optimized and may be I'm not doing it the right way but the way I've been taught. Then I surfed the internet to get suggestions from a large class of people about good handwriting and found the article mentioned above, it talks about the fundamental techniques of handwriting that were used to be practiced in earlier ages but somehow lost in this modern age, it interested me and I wrote further and soon I found that it's telling almost the same thing I was thinking. I enjoyed the act of making shapes in air from free hands, I felt more free then before. Now I'll go my own way, let's see what happens next.

Conclusion: Diversify your life, it makes you breath. Trying out different things gives you the power to think from different perspectives.

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