Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Great Debaters

Everybody praised the movie, but I'm neutral. I felt nothing special the moment I finished watching it. Immediately I tried to figure out positive/negative points about it, but, surprisingly I found nothing as good or bad. I, certainly, got inspired by some of the lines, said by some great people, quoted in the movie but I don't think that it's good enough. So now what I think is that I didn't get the sole of it because I did not understand it completely, may be there's some other reason behind this. But there is one strange reaction of mine, if somebody asks me for a good movie then I certainly tell him that 'The Great Debaters' is worth watching. what is it? Am I having some kind of mindset, am I faking myself for some reason, may be this reason is that I want to show that I'm different. I don't know what is it?

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