Monday, January 19, 2009

My Apology

Big Thinking requires questioning deeply held assumptions.

An Issue:
Why apologizing is considered to be important when I misbehave with somebody. Old people clarify this by saying that it makes you realize that you've done something wrong, it clears your heart and it helps you to avoid the same mistake in future; (well, saying sorry just for the sake of saying it is more than stupidity, according to me) but I say sorry only when I've already realized it, to clear my heart I can even say this to somebody else and if I've already realized my mistake then I'll not do it again in future. Then why to say sorry to the person this mistake concern?

Possible Consequences:
Well, explanation in above paragraph is just one side of a coin, what about the person on another side, he may be forced (by himself) to think that he's done something wrong, while he's not, he may think that there's one person out there who does not like him, he may make wrong opinions about me in his mind and worse is, he can spread it around, which can damage me later. And the worst part is that this all go subconsciously and hence undetected in most cases but the consequences are terrifying.

My Take on it:
This is what I consider a major factor of mutual understanding between two persons. The more our minds are clear about one another (the less secrets we have) the better we can work in coherence which results in more productivity, less disputes and hence better personal relations and mutual trust.

So better say sorry whenever you think you should, it will definitely make you more courageous, will result in more lucid relationships and hence will free your mind for peace and happiness.
The more we open up, the more we all grow.

Questioning deeply held assumptions is necessary to eliminate false beliefs, superstitions and unwanted junk from our society and that is crucial to think big, to innovate.

What's your take on it???

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